About Peach County, Georgia

Welcome to the official website for the government of Peach County, Georgia. Located about 90 minutes South of Atlanta, Peach County affords a unique and desirable quality of life with a stable government, beautiful weather, good schools and good people to call neighbors. Peach County offers an inviting rural setting found only in the deep South, but is only minutes away from Macon and Warner Robins. Welcome to Peach County. We put the Peach in Georgia!

  • Peach County was created in 1924 from Houston and Macon counties by the state legislature.
  • Peach County was the last county to be created.
  • Georgia's youngest county took its name from the peaches grown here and has long been known as the "Peach Capital of the World".
  • Peach County is home to a 27,413 residents according to the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget.
  • Peach County covers 151.1 square miles with 0.4 square miles of water area.
  • Average low temperature in Peach County is 51.9°F and the average daily high is 75.5°F. January is typically the coldest month with average lows of 34.5°F and July is the hottest with average highs of 91.8°F.
  • The sun shines an average of 65.9% of the time in Peach County.
  • Annual precipitation averages 44.6 inches and annual snowfall averages 1.2 inches.
  • The largest employer, Blue Bird Corporation, was founded in Fort Valley in 1927 by A.L. Luce and some 1,600 residents built the world famous buses at the main plant. Blue Bird has grown to be the world's largest producer of school buses.
  • The development of the Elberta peach in 1870 and excellent railroad connections taking the fresh fruit great distances combined to make Peach County the peach capital of the world in the early 1900s.
  • Median household income (in 2016 dollars), 2012-2016 was $41,128.
  • Peach County employers had a total annual payroll of $226.8 million 2015.
  • Of all the counties in the nation, Peach County ranks No. 6 in production of pecans; 7 in production of peaches.
  • Originally chartered in 1895, Fort Valley State University now has about 2,679 students and is the county's second largest employer.
  • Fort Valley State University has the state's second-largest campus in terms of land, with nearly 1,400 acres.
  • Fort Valley hosted Peach Blossom Festivals in the 1920s which drew an estimated 40,000 people to the town with 3,000 residents. The event was compared to Mardi Gras and the Rose Festival and was even featured in National Geographic. It finally became too large for the community to stage and ended in 1926.
  • The festival was resurrected in 1986 as the Georgia Peach Festival and draws thousands of visitors each year. The highlight is the world's largest peach cobbler!
  • Peach County is home to national headquarters of the American Camellia Society, which houses acres of camellias and a museum with more than 300 porcelain birds at Massee Lane.
  • The longest serving Commissioner was J.D. (Donnie) Doles. Mr. Doles was one of the first three Commissioners elected in 1965. He served Peach County for 20 years. Before the first class of Commissioners took office in 1965, Peach County was governed by an Ordinary.
  • The second longest serving Commissioner was Dr. Ira Hicks, Jr. Dr. Hicks took office in 1989.
  • Peach County had a hand in the decision to paint school buses yellow. Blue Bird engineers helped develop the color "School Bus Yellow" in 1939, which is still in use today.
  • The Peach County Trojans are one of the most successful AAA programs in Georgia. The Trojans have won three State Titles and 16 Region Titles since the school was created in 1970 with the merger of Fort Valley High School and H.A. Hunt High School


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